How can our essay examples help you?

As a student at college or university, you might be wondering how our essay examples can be of use to you.

The best way to learn is by example. Looking at examples of how a good essay is written will help you to achieve more in your own academic work.

We have thousands of essay examples across a wide range of popular subject areas, together with dissertations, coursework and research proposals.

For all of our essays, there’s currently no charge. You can also see the word count and any user ratings.

Q: How should I use your essay examples?

It is important to use our essays and academic work as inspiration for your own work. You should never copy and paste part or all of an essay into your own work as this would be plagiarism. You may, however, copy and paste parts of the essay provided that you properly cite it as a source.

Q: How do I use your website?

The first step is finding a great example essay to help you with your current assignment.

Use the search box to the right hand side of the site to get started, typing in a few relevant search terms:

Contract law search

The search results will include a short preview of  each essay example so you can get a flavour for the essay:


When you find a result that looks promising, click on the title. You’ll be taken to the full preview where you can view 400 words of the essay, the essay word count and the essay rating:

Example essay preview

Q: How do I cite your essay examples?

If you would like to copy a section from one of our essay examples into your own essay, you must use quotation marks. For example:

“The definition of consideration was established by Lord Lush CJ, where he portrayed consideration as ‘some right, interest, profit or benefit, accruing to the one party, or some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility, given, suffered or undertaken by the other.’”

You then need to provide information about your source. For example:, Contract Law Problem Question. Available from: <> [15-09-15].

The way you provide this depends on your college or university’s referencing style.

Q: Is it cheating to use essay examples?

Not at all. Essay examples are a valuable way to learn, and no different from past papers that your lecturer will hand out from time to time. It is not cheating, provided that you do not copy and paste chunks from the essays without giving proper credit as explained above.

Q: Can I rate the essay examples?

Yes! Please do take the time to give the essays you have read a rating. This helps other students to find the most relevant and helpful essays to their studies. You may only rate each essay once.

If you have any more questions, please do contact our support team: [email protected]

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