Mobile Android app to track position of bus and predict approximate arrival time

  7.0 System Architecture, 7.1 Introduction. The proposed system is the mobile Android platform application which allows to track position of the bus and predict approximate arrival time based on existing GPS data. The main hardware components of the project are GPS module and Wi-Fi controller to create webserver on the existing WI-FI for receiving … Read more

Design a PD controller for a set point control to steer a cart to a desired point (MATLAB)

This essay is missing various diagrams but may be useful to students in seeing how to structure their paper. 1.Introduction Control systems have many uses in real life, one such use of control systems could be to allow autonomous robots to sense distance and stop at discrete points. A closed loop control system allows for … Read more

Features of a database

Introduction: In this section I will be showing my database I have made for the Winter Sports Sales. This will include how I designed the database, implemented correct verification through the tables, implemented relationships between the tables, tested the tables, importing data into them and then finally checking the imported data for errors. Database description: … Read more

E-Learning System

As technologies evolve, we tend to equip ourselves with the needed skills to adapt with the changing scenario. The ever growing information society has largely impacted the educational field. The conventional method of instructor ‘ led teaching is complemented with Computer based Training (CBT). The use of technology in education and training is transforming the … Read more

Timetable Management System

Timetable Management System contains a database, which stores the staff and students personal details. Only the administrator can view, add and delete the data in the timetable. The main objective of developing the Timetable Management System is to have a quality and feasible timetable which is to improve the current system that LIT is using. … Read more