Research proposal: jewellery

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Worldwide Gold- a precious metal used as jewelry, investment, gift and also desire for some people. Towards the end of 2019 it was reported that this world has around 1,97,576 tones of gold above the ground (mined). It is scattered in different forms like Jewellery: 92,947 tones (47%), Private Investment: 42,619 tones (21.6%), … Read more

The Service Quality Management Of Starbucks In Relation To Customer And Employee Satisfaction

The Service industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in a healthy economic society. Most businesses offer products with the same features but serve with different levels of quality. As noted by Burrow and Kleindl (2013), ‘customers have a hard time identifying differences among the brands but may develop a loyalty to one or … Read more