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Because we receive a lot of user generated content and submissions, we cannot guarantee the source of every essay. In addition, some students donate their essay in exchange for a free plagiarism scan on one of our partner websites, such as, and from time to time we identify that the content scanned does not belong to the student, despite prominent notices on the websites.

In short, if you find an essay or part of an essay on this website that belongs to you and you do not want your work to be published, please contact us IMMEDIATELY with the URL and required details so that we can remove it:

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Copyright principles will include in relevant and conspicuous places information that promotes respect for intellectual property rights and discourages users from uploading infringing content. will prominently inform users that they may not upload infringing content and that, by uploading content, they affirm that such uploading complies with’s terms of use.

The terms of use for will prohibit infringing uploads. shall, from time to time, use content identification technology with the aim of identifying and eliminating from their services infringing user-uploaded written content. will monitor a contact email address for copyright owners claiming infringement to make a complaint. Requests sent using the above form will be sent to to that email address. When sending a notice of infringement, copyright owners are requested to provide the URL identifying online locations where content that is the subject of notices of infringement is found. Copyright owners are also requested to provide other brief details to enable us to verify that their request is genuine.

Upon receipt of a notice of infringement that contains sufficient detail for to confirm that infringement has indeed taken place, will endeavour to:

  • respond to the notice within 7 – 14 days of receipt of the notice;
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  • inform the person making the notice of infringement when the content has been removed.

Please note that these timescales are approximate and during these challenging times, removal requests may take a little longer. will use reasonable efforts to track infringing uploads of copyrighted content by the same user and refuse to publish further submissions from that user. request that if it can be shown that these principles have been adhered to in good faith, the copyright owner will not assert a claim of copyright infringement against with respect to infringing user-uploaded content that might remain on the website despite such adherence to these principles. A cooperative attitude will help us to create content-rich, valuable and infringement-free service.